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Abigail, Grace, Lucy, Gwenyth & Henry

Another absolutely adorable, well behaved family. I don’t know what else to say! Four beautiful sweet sisters, and a little handsome boy at the end. Way too cute.




Leilani - Stunning!

Allison - holy momma. wHere do you find all these beautiful people. Love these.

Ali - Amazing Skye!! You are so talented!!

Amanda Keeys - Oh, stunning! Goooorgeous gorgeous shots, and what a bunch of beautiful kids! Amazing hair on them all too.

Beth - Aw, I have a Henry too! Long time follower here. Love your work!

kristy - absolutely darling. the girls clothes, where are they from? i’m a mommy of 2 girlies, must. have. those. darling. dresses!!!!

monica martin - wow, what gorgeous siblings, and 5! eek, I thought I had my hands full with 3. Gorgeous shots as always, and I’m loving your new background/ floor….

Gina Peterson - I bet that last one just made the parents tear up! What a gorgeous group of precious children! Well done, Skye!

Kim Winkelman - I am LOVING that dark wood background! It looks so simple and yet unique.

Seraphino's Photography - Holy toledo! BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! And he is adorable!! Such a beautiful family…great work once again Skye!

heather dougherty - beautiful! I couldn’t even tell that was mom until the last shot!

LeolaK - WOW….Beautiful family! Wow! Talk about some future heartbreakers! Gorgeous session!

Teresa - I am dying to know where this cute little boy got the tie, vest and plaid pants?? Boy clothes like that are so hard to find. Darling darling pictures & kids!

Amanda - what. an. absolutely. stunning. group. wow!!

Alexa, Blake, Mallory & Brittan

Cutest kids ever from California. They are all so beautiful and easy to photograph! Such sweethearts too, every one of them!


Allison brought Alexa’s pointe shoes and some fun ballet clothes. It was something different for me to do, it was a challenge but I loved it!





Rita Kessler - Adorable kids, beautiful shots! Love it!

Valerie Finlinson - Uhhhhh-MAZING Skye!!!!

Cori & Shelby - Skye, these are beautiful pictures of beautiful children. Allison and Todd have 4 amazing children and you captured each of them so well. I love love love the last one of Lexa. Great job!

Kim - I freaking love those dance pictures. GLad you’re practicing so you can do some awesome ones of Emma & Gracie=)

Kamie Botkin - Are you kidding me?! Those are the most beautiful children I have ever seen (minus my own haha) Great job Skye. Love the ballet pics, it is fun to see something a little different.

Aubree Rasmussen - These are quite possibly the most amazing pictures I have EVER seen. Seriously!

Kate Moreland - That first picture is AMAZING! I love how you captured their sibling love – especially the two on the right! Love. love. love.

Tupou - Her ballet pictures are remarkable!! The one is black is so gorgeous!

Lori - You always have amazing photos, but these are some seriously beautiful children!!!

Nessa B. - Ok…are those kids real? Every single one is beautiful…the parents should have 100 more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last shot of the ballerina in the black outfit, beautifully captured!

Andrea - Love them Skye! The last one especially. And your new set up looks fun!

Tasha - Would you mind sharing from where the lovely crowns came? I especially love the crown in the photo where the ballerina is tying her ribbon laces. Gorgeous photos!

Allison - Oh my gosh skye.. those children are to die for gorgeous… beautiful work. as always…

kristy - absolutely beautiful. love the pointe shoe photos, my favorite!!!

robyn - The black tutu photo is awesome!Love it

Kimbur - do you ever have ugly kids you photograph? just kidding! I swear every shoot the kids look like models! nice work.

skye johansen - That crown was made by my sister, she can make anything. :)
Thanks for all the comments everyone! So fun to read them!

Amanda Keeys - Oh my goodness, those ballet shots! Soooo beautiful.

Lindsey Marlor - love that lace dress do you have any idea where they got it? in the second picture.. your pictures are AMAZING!

Ashley Montero - My daughter is 10 and I would love havering you take pictures of her. What are your abailabilities? How much does it cost and how long are the sessions? Thanks

skye johansen - Hey Ashley, We would love to get your daughter in. Sessions are $400 and we are currently booking into late September/early October. If you wanted to email we can further discuss booking her a session :)


Matilda Jane Trunk Show info….

Yes I am having a Matilda Jane Trunk Show at my house on Thurs. Sept 1st. from 9 am-noon. Everyone is welcome, Katie is having her show here at the same time so it’s going to be fun!

My address is 127 East 920 South in Lehi. If you want to order but can’t come, just call Ashlee at 801-592-4567 or email her at You can also make a wish list from the MJ website and email it to Ashlee. Can’t wait for you to see the gorgeous pieces of this next release. Simply amazing.

You & Me Collection

Here is Gracie in her Grace Tank. A simple, classic, yet truly beautiful piece.

Headband by Cozette Couture.


ashele - I’ll be there :) I love the new blog design!

Keyle - Would you ever be interested in having Scentsy at your party/trunk shows? :)

Gray Benko - Umm, these photos of Gracie are GORGEOUS! Wowzers.