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Millie….she was full of personality and attitude, and even though she was running all over the place, she held still just long enough to get some super adorable pictures. She wouldn’t sit there long enough for her mom, her aunt or for me, so I brought Saylor in to play peek-a-boo, and Millie LOVED it. Sometimes she is my secret weapon against one year olds!

Cutest baby ever, right here. I really love updating my blog, hopefully when this CRAZINESS (meaning Christmas) is over, I can post some more of the beautiful babies I’ve had the privilege of photographing!


Jenny - Oh Skye, this is just to die for amazing!! I just love your work 😉

kendra - OMG!!!! She is the cutest thing!!! :) Please share where the adorable headbands you used are from?

skye johansen - Kendra, which one? I used a lot of different ones!

kendra - Sorry….I was meaning the pink puffy one? I LOVE that one!!! Thanks and GREAT job as ALWAYS!!!!! :)

Victor Enguix - Very nice work!

Kathy M - love the crown – where is it from?

Candace - Where is her necklace from? LOVE!


I think this is the fourth, maybe fifth time I’ve been able to take Charli’s pictures since she was born. I’ve loved watching her change from newborn to one year. Her mom always brings such adorable stuff which makes it really fun for me too! Crazy season is in full swing for me, I had to take a break and do a blog post so everyone knows I’m still here, just really really busy!


Niina - She looks so sweet! Love the cute props!

Melissa - So so cute!

Amber Morgan - Oh my i just found your site!! Can i just say yoi are incredibly talented!!!! I cant wait to see whats next. My babe is turning one in feb. Im going to have to schedule something. By the way where did the cupcakes with the “1” come from?? xox amber!!

christina - That blue chair is the CUTEST!

liz collings - Cutest backdrops Skye! So much creativity! I need to reserve a spot for this year…Oct or Novemeber

Shelley Tholen - Is there any way that I could find out where you got the adorable floral blankets with all of the sewn on flowers on it?

skye johansen - Hi Shelley! Those were pillows from Zgallerie. I got them on sale in the summer.

Kennedy, Jameson & Zoe

I’ve been photographing these kids for a looooong time! I just love this family. Zoe was such a great sleepy newborn and a year later…well she was pretty crazy! It made for some adorable personality shots. She is just so cute, must take after her older brother and sister!



Headband: Whippy Cake




And while things always look like they go smoothly….well….they don’t. Especially with a one year old!


Headband: Cozette Couture

And for my favorite…..

The cute flower belt from above…..Pearl and Pauper, cute cute stuff!!

Socks- Matilda Jane

Headband- Little Town Boutique





skyes mom - I can now totally relate!

katie moss - LOVE this. What a typical one year old shoot.

Lindsay - that black and white photo of Kennedy should be in a magazine somewhere…beautiful!

tasha - Amie’s kids look beautiful! Great Job!

heather dougherty - LOVE this session!!

LeolaK - Adorable! All of them! Love ending shots…too funny! Cuteness can get away w/ anything! =)

Stephanie@Geezees - Too cute… you captured their personalities perfectly…great job!

Tina - Love these sweet images. Where did the ivory bloomers come from?