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Dancing Queen

This little girl never stops dancing and prancing around. The funny thing is, I haven’t put her in dance yet, but she is ALWAYS wearing anything related to dancing. Classic girly girl. I’m trying to hold off paying for TWO girls to be in dance, one is about killing me! Gracie is such a sweet big sister to always let Saylor dance with her, help her hold her little leg up and show her how to hold her hands when she’s turning. It’s so sweet. Saylor is SO determined to hold her foot up by her face like Gracie does when she’s dancing.  Her hair was still wet and uncombed from her morning bath but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get some pics of her dressed like she is 99% of the time.


  • Favorite music to dance to: Moves like Jagger, anything Justin Bieber
  • Favorite movie: Swan Princess 1, 2 AND 3 (one of these is always on and nobody else is allowed to use the DVD player, ever.)
  • What she wore to the grocery store today: This outfit, including crown.
  • Number of current boyfriends: six plus three actual princes
  • Things she won’t wear: Jeans/pants or running shoes. When is the last time you saw a princess in running shoes?
  • Loves: Lip gloss, gum, dolls and our golden retriever Tucker
  • Hates: Mannequins, bugs and hair elastics


Rhinestone ballet shoes? Thank you Santa, for not just getting her ballet shoes, but delicately blinged out ones. She didn’t even know they existed.

The crown was soooooo dang cute on her, but it had to come off so she could get down to business!

And finally, she nailed it. I had to put her crown back on.


Emily Heizer Photography - She is such a doll! I have missed seeing posts about Say!!! I think she needs to go to dance Sky! She could be a total star, like NOW! What about Parks & Rec classes?

Maria - Oh my gosh, sign her up stat!!! what a natural!! darling pictures.

Gretchen Esch-Kyte - I LOVE this!! This was totally ME as a kid! I cannot tell you how many pictures we have of me as a little girl holding my leg up!!!!

Jessica - Post of your kids are my most favorite Skye!! And soo inspirational bc it’s soo hard being the Mom behind the camera. Saylor is soo cute and love the down to business one, lol! She’s definitely a princess!

Linda Albrecht - That is the cutest thing ever!!

Lisa - I love these and her girly girl personality! So fun!

Urbanalli photography - Oh my goodness she is cute!!!!! Are all girls like this? Lol so looking forward to it…. Really really

Jenn Davis - Um, that is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Talia Audenart - Oh. My. Heck. Killing me with cuteness!!

Lianna - OH my heavens. What a doll!!! :)

Sheika - ADORABLE!!

katie moss - Love this girl! She is going to be the best dancer like her sister!

Jackie Willard - Oh my gosh she is just the cutest thing! You have beautiful babies!!

Mandy Merrill - She looks so much like you..and Kennedy! She will be a self taught star one day, just like Gracie. You sure have some pretty girls Skye!

PS her hair really looks like that wet and uncombed? I am jealous!

krista brown - Skye, ive said this before and ill say it once again! I absolutely love your work! I asked this question before as well, but you might have not seen it. I just want to know what size is your softbox?

Kennedy - Oh my, could she be any cuter if she tried? I love the intensity of all her moves. She doesn’t just give 50%. Can’t wait to come over and watch “Odette” and tangled over and over!

Carrie - These are so adorable! Your little princess couldn’t be cuter! Where in the world did you get that awesome crown?

Courtney - Adorable. I would love to know where the turqouise dance outfit and the rhinestone ballet flats came from? So cute!

Chiazor - She is so adorable and might in fact be my daughters twin! My daughter is just like her and would wear a tutu everywhere if I let her. She thinks pant are “for boys” and running shoes are not for girls! lol

She is so funny and makes me so happy to have a Girly Girl!! People say girls are the hardest but I wouldn’t have is any other way!!


Kristy - Absolutely D.A.R.L.I.N.G.

skye johansen - Courtney, from the Glass Slipper in American Fork, Utah. They don’t have an online store.

Emily Heizer photography - I love her so much Skye, she is SUCH a doll! PS: I am giving away some baby stuff on my blog in honor of the first birth I shot, and since all my readers are brides, no one is entering. I know she’s your last, but maybe you know someone who cares? LOL Only 5 people entered, it’s killing me!

Valerie - I am in love with the crown! What is it made of? Does your sister sell them? She should!

skye johansen - Emily that’s terrible!! Sorry I have been gone on vacation! Are you still doing it?
Valerie it’s from TFJ Designs, you can find them on facebook. :)

Kennedy - Skye, I just looked through these again. #1-Could she seriously get any cuter? #2-Your comments cracked me up all over again. Perfect post. Absolutely perfect.

miche - sooooo beautiful!! :)

Justice, Halle & Jaxon

I have soooooo many sessions I wish I had the time to blog!! So here’s one from before Christmas that I have been dying to blog. This sweet little baby had so much personality, the perfect sweet age of 9 months, right before he was getting good at crawling. There were so many cute pictures of these three siblings, here is just a small taste!


First little tooth, so sweet!

Oh Halle…you are a natural born model!

Then there is pre-teen boys… not into getting their pictures done, but Justice sat patiently while I got a few of his handsome face! 😉



Robyn - Oh my word what a beautiful little girl. She is to die for

kelsey pankhurst - Are you kidding me with all of these Skye?!! Every single one of them is perfection and deserves a humungous frame or canvas. AMAZING!

Jess - Seriously I just LOVE all that you post. Your one amazing woman/photog. Miss your face lets hang out again because I heard something about you!!!!!!

Summer Douglas - Why can little girls look like they’re 16 and I can’t??? LoL ;D

Eunice - These are adorable!!!!I love the little girl’s tutu. Would love to know where its from?

Sandi - That little girl is simply adorable!

skye johansen - Eunice, I’m not sure. It’s a princess dress that Halle wanted to wear in her pics. So adorable!

Melanie - Pure perfection! Do you know where she got the cute pink outfit from and boots?

Mindy - Your eye for expression and cuteness is amazing!! Can you tell me where you got the little boat that is in these pictures with Justice?? Thanks!

Jackie Willard - Such gorgeous kids and beautiful photography as always!

cozette couture - THanks for taking such amazing pictures Skye!! Love these!

skye johansen - Mindy, from :)

Mindy - Thanks Skye! Always love your posts.

Letty - Hi Skye, I love your work so much. I am a newbie and am learning to shoot with studio lights because I just can’t get sharp images shooting natural light of my 4 year old boy. So I noticed that shooting studio lights gives me more sharp images, I guess because flash freezes action. Anyways I was gonna ask if you mind sharing where I can purchase the floor you used on the chevron background? Thanks.

skye johansen - Thanks everyone for the comments!! I appreciate them so much!
Letty, I got the floor from :)

Valerie - I would LOVE to know where I can find the felt flower pouf that sweet Halle is sitting on?! Just love it! :)


Morgan slept like a dream……so fun to play with babies when they are passed right out.:)She had the cutest little smile ever. What a sweetie!!


Kayla - Where on earth do you get those ADORABLE purple and gray flowers you used?! I LOVE that picture!

Niina - Cutetest expressions ever!

Allison Cahoon - holy smiler…. wow…. what a sweet girl. Beautiful pics .

skye johansen - The flowers are on a pillow case that I bought at Zgallerie, and I just took the pillow forms out. 😉

Janice - LOVE! The purple flower blanket is gorg! And the little pout she has going, is too cute to resist. Beautiful as always Skye.

Jill - Where did you get the hat and flower in the first picture? So very cute!

Kayla - Thanks so much Skye!! That’s even better that it’s a pillow!! Just scored one! It’s going to be perfect for my little girl’s room!!! : D

Kim Winkelman - OKay so how did you get that little crown to stay on?

Beth - So Precious….Your amazing Skye!

Melissa - So cute! Love that first shot!