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Reviving the blog!

Hey everyone! I’ve had so many requests to update my blog, over this past year I have gotten so busy with sessions and my kids that some things had to be left in the dust and unfortunately my blog was one of those things! My youngest just started kindergarten so I’m hoping to get back to blogging, it was something I enjoyed so much and I have missed it! It will probably take me a few weeks to get all the galleries updated and workshop information posted, can’t wait! For right now, I’m going to post some pictures from Ella’s session. Isn’t she just too adorable for words??






Sydni Sorensen - Skye these are just perfect!! You are amazing

Jessica Stevens - Did you buy out that photo printing company yet? It was from the man who passed away, but I can’t remember the name of the company. I’m anxiously awaiting to print some gator board shots! Let me know!


krista weller - So, I was referred to your blog by a friend, after seeing your pictures they just didn’t leave my mind. Wonderful work! Everything is so clean and crisp! I am curious, what is your go to lens?

skye johansen - Hi Krista! I love the the 70-200 mm 2.8 L series lens. It’s expensive but I love it!

skye johansen - Jessica! Yes we did buy it! I am working on a link right now for people to see pricing etc. We have been printing for a few weeks now, so exciting!

Teigan, Jagger & Greyson

Three precious, sweet boys. This mommy is blessed!






Sally Cavanaugh - I wished I lived closer to you so you could take pictures for my baby girl when she arrives in a couple weeks!

Morgan - These are so pretty Skye!

Nichole - These are gorgegous! Love every one of them!

Jared Medley - Wow, incredible images. It’s hard to find truly skilled photographers these days. Great work!

Nicola - OMGoodness, these are adorable! What great captures!

skye johansen - Thank you Jared! :)


So you all know I’m a mom of 4, wife and photographer. But did you also know I’m a full blown dance mom?? I had no idea when my daughter started 2 years ago that I was signing myself up as well! Besides the constant picking up, dropping off, meal drop offs etc, there’s competitions, recitals, dress rehearsals and performances constantly. She was on Jazz N’ Place Dance’s Junior Prodigy team this last year and also had a solo that was so fun to watch (and lots and lots of work!!!!) But it really is all worth it, Gracie lives and breathes dance and when she’s not at the studio, she is making up dances with her friends, listening to music on her ipod or watching So You Think You Can Dance (and sometimes Dance Moms if I’m there to fast forward through the moms yelling!) She has been asking me to take some pictures of her doing some moves, she has been working so hard on her flexibility and jumps (kicking just about everyone in our family in the face at least once) and all her hard work is paying off. She truly amazes me. So determined and committed to something she loves with her whole heart.

Edited with Oh So Posh’s Yours Always (from Once Upon A Dream)

Gracie just finished third grade and is 9 years old. (don’t mind her dirty feet!)

She is THE BEST. So happy and helpful and way too smart for her own good.

My favorite.


Cori Litke - Wow, very talented for a 9 year old. My daughter is also 9 but not nearly as flexible. We love dance in our house too. I would have to agree with your favorite, it is really beautiful.

Hannah Elise - wow. incredible. love the last few with the leaps + shadows on the road.

Bailey - simply breathtaking. beautiful in every way.

Pam ellis - LOVE this…not sure but is it easier when it’s your own kids, but she is beautiful…and looks like she is a natural at it… you’ve done a wonderful job photographing her, in her element. Isn’t there a market for photographing students of dance studios?

thanks for sharing.


Talia - If she can do this at 9, I can’t wait to see what she can do at 19!!!

Kristen - Wow those are some awesome jumps! The ones with her shadow are so cool. She’s adorable!

Pam Heggie - These pictures make me want to go back in time and be a dancer. Lol. Except I would be a super crappy one…nonetheless….

Brittany - I can’t believe how awesome she is – she makes me so proud to be her aunt!! Its going to be so exciting to see where dancing takes her! amazing pictures skye! they really show off how talented she is

Maria - wow, skye!! She’s definitely going places, gorgeous shots and flexibility for miles!!!

summer - WOW!!! I love those last three! And those shadows you captured are just phenomenal =D

jami - This post touched me so much! For one to find their passion at such a young age is such a gift. Some of us never find it. What a talent she is! Not to mention a kind, wise beauty! Thanks for sharing these lovely images, Skye.

Gina - These are beautiful! You should be so proud for having such an amazing Daughter and for also being such an amazing Mother!

Jennifer carver - Skye, I love these! they are just beautiful, and she is super talented (only two years- good lord!) You will have to bring her for a visit, dance mom’s is about 20 minutes from my house , and the dance studio that i shot for , one of the instructors came from there ! :) Beautiful girl, Beautiful work my friend!

Nichole - These are beautiful! She is very talented!

kim schoepke - Wow. Send my little friend my love and support:) I’m proud of her for all her hard work and dedication!

Trisha - She. Is. Amazing.

Joy - Oh my heavens these are amazing! She is so talented! Love these photos as always so much Skye!

kristy - what a beautiful little girl. my daughters dance too. and love it. great photos! what talent you have.

UrbanAlli Photography - OH my gosh…. what talent … You should see me do that. I’m good. :)
She is so gorgeous.. just like her momma. You may have a hard time with the boys when she gets older.

April - Wow! These are awesome photos and she is beautiful. She looks like she is THE BEST dancer. So graceful!

Joy - Beautiful Skye, this little girl is amazing! Love the execution, what beautiful moves to capture, she will cherish these always!

Ashley Montero - I am interested in havering pictures made of my 10tear old daughter. I have at least two other ppl interested as well. How old (age) do you photograph? What are the steps needed to book any avaiablity.

Thank you so much,

Ashley Montero

Nicola - Totally amazing! What fantastic pictures! She will love these forever!