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Wow, so lame.

So apparently my blog was hacked into and my webhosting company shut everything down. Which including deleting all my files. My blog was a whole 20 hours old, so it really sucked to redo everything. But now I’m super fast at everything and haved learned a valuable lesson about backing up my blog (which I’ve never had to do in the past, but apparently WordPress blogs are easy to hack into. LAME) So anyways, let’s try this again!



Megan - I know… I check your blog daily and love it, and then one day I couldn’t find it, I had to type it in yahoo to find this new one. Your work is amazing and I looking at these is always the highight of my day.

Jaycee Holland - Oh dang did you get my other comment? It was a goodie! Well you are having to work hard for this blasted blog but it has knocked my socks off! Such a great blog but it’s your pictures that put it over the top. And that song, I actually welled up a bit there. Love you!

Kayla Hemming - Okay good I wasn’t the only one freaking out when I couldn’t find you blog. But now I did and its amazing. Your pictures are simply the best of the best.

Emily Heizer Photography - So THAT’S where you have been! I have been tyring to go to your blog or days and it wouldn’t go anywhere, and finally I checked the regular .com address and here you are! Yay! I am so glad I found you again. I read you every day. :)