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Millie, Millie, Millie. You know you like me. You know you like getting your pictures taken. So why do you hold out for sooooo long on me? Good thing you are THAT cute. I think next time you come you will walk through the door all smiles and sit right down all ready to go. Third shoot’s a charm right??

Seriously she is so stinking cute, she just wouldn’t let go of her mom for about an hour. She has me, her mom and grandma doing everything we could to coax her. I think she was secretly having a lot of fun watching us.



Watch the progression here. She tries so hard not to humor me……




but I got her. WHEW!


Now she likes me! Isn’t she just beautiful??


Oh wait, she remembered she wasn’t going to give in. Minor setback.






Nicole - She is one of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. Her eyes really draw you in, these picks are just so stunning! even though she made it hard for you, the picks are that much more rewarding.

Trina Mckenzie - These are perfect. I love her little personality showing through, she is so adorable!

kelsey - she is gorgeous, and I love that green hat from Gap, I’ve been eying it. . . along with numerous other items! ha.

Brittney - Skye- you are amazing! You would never know she was a little stinker by these pictures. I love them!! Hopefully the 3rd time is a charm!

Amanda Keeys - Oh she is GORGEOUS (all of your clients seem to be stunning actually). Love that last bnw/vintagey shot especially.

Amber - Gosh she’s a cutie! Love the colors in the petti skirt!

jessica - Your photos are just pure magic!!! Love these too. The colors are amazing!

katie moss - Look at those eyes! I love the sucker shot.

Vanessa - I could spend all day on your blog! I love coming and staying awhile and looking at all the awesome stuff you do!!! Seriously you AMAZE ME!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh and we need to hang soon :)

Jennifer O. - Omg, she is so sweet! Love the lollipop shot!

Ali Smith - I absolutely love the one with the teal hat and lollipop! SO cute!!

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