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Okay everyone, I need your votes! A bunch of photographers were chosen to photograph a dress from Matilda Jane and the person with the most votes wins! (You get the entire 2010 line and a trip to see the new line before it launches!!) There are some incredible pictures on there from some amazing photographers, but we can still try right??
To vote go to the Matilda Jane website, go to VOTE, add me to the shopping bag and check out. Make sure you hit the submit button twice or it won’t go through. To read more details, go to the Matilda Jane blog. It’s so silly but I’ve totally got butterflies right now. EEEEK!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here’s my picture of Saylor.



Kayla Hemming - I voted! I am seriously dying over this picture, it is sooooooo precious and completely different from all the other pictures. Saylor is just the sweetest!

Jennifer O. - This is soooo totally cute! Good luck!

Brittany Larsen - skye i really think your picture stands out, and i REALLY REALLY hope you win! i’m trying way hard to get people to vote for you!!!! good luck!

Carrie - Totally adorable! I voted for ya!

Aki - YAY! I’ve just voted!! You da BEST!!! Good luck ;)

amanda moore - Beautiful photo! I voted for ya!

melissa - Voted. And truely your picture I love, very different from everybody elses. You deserve it! Love your work!
p.s. I stole your song ;)

katie moss - You are totally going to WIN. That is the cutest picture EVER!

Randee - You’ve got the only studio shot on there and as always its a beautiful image. Has Saylor ever taken a bad picture? I actually don’t think that dress is the cutest thing but you totally made it work. This image is perfection.

Lacey - We all voted for you at our house, good thing we have so many fargin’ computers, they just came in real handy! Oh I hope you win! You deserve it!

Amanda Keeys - She is so adorable! I know we are “competing” against each other hehe, but GOOD LUCK! :)

Tammy - Voted! It’s not silly at all & I really hope you win. I LOVE your work!

Heather - This is so exciting, I think that dress is adorable! Very girly and vintage-y! Good luck Skye, I voted and I’ll have the girls at work vote for you too!

Jaycee Holland - oh yeah, yours is so different from the rest and Saylor melts hearts in every picture you take of her! How long does the voting go?

Ashley - I voted! YEAH! hope you win

Kim - Just voted and good luck!

Jodi - I voted because you are AWESOME!

Lindsey - I voted too! I hope you win because this is the cutest picture ever! Saylor is such a doll!

Jen - You better win!!

Jodie G - She gets my vote! :) :):)

I got chosen as a photog too.. but my dress still has not arrived. :( So.. needless to say I can’t participate. But they have been super and I get to keep the dress! Really doesn’t matter though.. cause Saylor deserves to win this one!

Lisa Vincent - Just voted for you Skye! We love you!!!

skye johansen - Wowsers you guys! Thank you so so SO much!
JODIE I can’t believe you didn’t get your dress in time! I can only imagine how amazing your picture would have been! :(

Courtney - I found your site though the MJ Blog! I voted for you. Your photo is stunning. Absolutely beautiful.

angie andrews - Good Luck!!! How can you not win, with your little cutie in the pictures… best of luck!

Catherine - I voted for you Skye! I was just on the Matilda Jane website ready to finally make my first order and then I clicked to your blog to see you were doing this. I’m the one who came in July from Thailand with twin six year old boys and two other little ones. Can’t wait to see the 2010 line!

Melissa Orsen - You didn’t even tell me you did this! Its a beautiful picture and you’ve got to win!

Lori - I voted for you Skye! I just love your work and Saylor is absolutely adorable. Good luck :)

Sindy - YAY! I voted!!! Yours really was my favorite! Can’t wait to hear the results!!

Monica Johansen - You are going to win!!!! Hands down yours is the best!!!! Love you!!!

Alysha - I voted!! LOVE this picture. She’s SO cute!

Nicole - Voted for you, yours is outstanding and you made that dress look even cuter than it actually is!

Jesse - Skye, I don’t know how I haven’t ever heard of you, your work is just stunning! I found you on the MJ website and I just had to vote for your picture, it is beautiful in every sense!

Teresa - Your pictures is BY FAR the cutest! Good luck!

Alli Hawes - So cute Skye! I love this picture! Just spent about an hour looking at all the others and yours is still my favorite! Good luck girl! And you better be taking me with you…j/k!

Veronica - I just voted for you. I hope you win!! You’re picture of Saylor is the best!

jenna wight - Love this. I just voted. You are a truly exceptional photographer.

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