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Well first of all, the MJ party was an awesome success, I had so much fun meeting lots of my “blog readers”! Maguire locked my keys in the car a few days ago and I’m just too dang busy to call someone to unlock it, so let’s just say I had to improvise on the treats this time. Yes, bowls of fruit snacks, dried mangos & Winnie the Pooh graham crackers were the awesome refreshments for the party. I’m sure the fact I shop at Costco wasn’t apparent AT ALL. haha I’m also glad it’s just the kids that eat the snacks while the moms are busy shopping! I can’t believe all the stuff that sold out on the first day! It’s so crazy! But there’s still lots of cute stuff available and you can order from Ashlee until noon tomorrow (saturday).

And since there will be even more cute stuff coming out, I will be having another party on September 1st, which is the first day the second collection will be available. Just letting you know since I’m usually the queen of last minuteness.

So much catching up to do on this blog! I have many gorgeous babies that NEED to be shown off, so hopefully I can get to that tomorrow! I just have to post this sweet moment I caught after Saylor heard the other kids screaming, “Grandpa is here!!!!” and she went running out to my dad for her hugs and kisses. My dad is seriously the coolest guy EVER. He rides his Harley down from Canada all the time like it’s no big deal. My mom drives behind him so she can listen to music. I love them. And is summer really almost over? I can’t stand it, it’s going way too fast!



mandy - This is a such beautiful moment you captured! I love the vivid colors. Please share you secrets to getting such dark rich colors if you ever get a moment out of your crazy busy schedule.

Heather - Your dad is so young he could be your husband! LOL Sorry if that’s weird, just saying!

Lacey - You are lying! I cant believe this is with your p&s, that is crazyness! What a precious pic!

Shannon Cummins - Dang! I’m thinking your dad is my age! Now I feel old… How old is he? He looks 35!!!

Shannon Cummins - okay! This is bugging me! Was he like 10 when you were born. lol

Jessica McCall - WOnderful job on this photo Skye! Beautiful colors, blue sky & subject lighting is right on! Love it!

skye johansen - hahaha, Shannon I think he is 50 or 51. My parents had me when they were about 22 and had six kids in six years! So they are super young, especially to be empty nesters and living the life!
Mandy, for this picture I just burned the crap out of the background, I think it looks kind of weird, like a painting but that’s probably because it was with my little camera. Then I unsharp masked it and played in curves until it looked good!

Addison Cowley - WOW! That photo is amazing! I bet your dad is so in love with your kids, how could you not be? Really such a great picture!

summer - Skye, that might be the most precious picture! Can I bring my parents to the next photo shoot?!! Really, that one is priceless! LOVE it! And your dad looks like he is still 22. What a stud!

skye's mom - Dad is so in love with this pic he is just busting his buttons! I, too, am in love with it! He wants me to put it as my profile pic on facebook! So please send me the file. I keep catching him sneaking a peek at it! Totally amazing pic with your point and shoot!

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