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Alright ladies. It’s time to FREAK OUT.

Matilda Jane has launched their brand new line FIELD TRIP and of course Denise has done it again….seriously this line is just so freaking cute…definitely the cutest YET! I am having a party this Friday from 3:30-5:30 pm, so if you want to order some of these babies just come over! If you can’t make it, you can email Ashlee at or call her at 801-592-4567 to order!

***okay, getting tons of emails about sizes, so I’ll do my best to label. Katie and I just used Ashlee’s samples, so we had to make weird sizes work!***

Her top was a 6, we just made it work, I will be ordering everything in a 2 for her! The knot top is 18 mos, the pants were a 4 we just rolled them on the waistband.


Pants are a size 2, both tops are a 6. So I’ll get a 6 so Gracie can wear it as a shirt and Saylor can wear it as a dress!


Gracie is wearing a 6 in the top and leggings.


Saylor in a size 2 for everything here. Holy FLIP I love this outfit. It looks so back-to-school. Ryan even commented that this one was “cute”. That’s huge for him. Like, monumental for him to even say anything! I’m taking that as the go ahead for me to go hog wild buying these clothes. Thank you hubs.



She’s eating the candy apple that my sweet friend Jacee brought to me…although I can’t eat it with these lovely braces. Saylor saw it on the shelf so it became hers. She could barely hold it up!



Gracie’s dress is a size 8, it was pretty huge on her. She is almost 8 years old but I buy her a 6/6x in everything, she’s kind of a shrimp.



The Jessie skirt, size 10, you can see the clamp holding it on behind her…haha. The top is a 4.


Saylor wearing size 2 in skirt and shirt, the leggings were a 4 we just rolled them up on the waistband, like 17 times. This was Saylor’s favorite because it has “POCKIES!!!!” (pockets)


The apron comes off on this knot top, so the above pictures is with it on (well it’s kind of coming off, forgot to button that last one) and the bottom pics are with it off.


My address…

127 East 920 South

Lehi, 84043

THIS FRIDAY 3:30-5:30 pm!

Bring your kids, who cares if we’ve never met just come!!

Alright I’m editing this post AGAIN after getting some emails about how true the colors are to real life. Now you all know that I loooooove deep rich colors so I just edited these the way I like them! Here’s an unedited picture so you have an idea about the colors. I just sharpened this for web and I even lightened the picture just a little so her skin looked decent. Thanks for the idea Heather!



Becki - Ahh crap! Must you show me things that plead for me to spend my pennies on them?




ashlee - Oh Wow! Skye these are so FREAKING CUTE !!! I love it! I can’t wait for your show on Friday!!

skye's mom - Can I come?!?!?? Cutest clothes ever!!!! Your pictures show them off perfectly, I can see why you must have more!!!And more… and more… and I love it that Gracie loves wearing them!

Rory Drysdale - Our 10 year anniversary is tomorrow so… I can’t make it to your open house because we’ll be out of town! BUT I can still order!!! Oh yeah baby! Before I do because my little one is only a baby (6 months) could you please let me know what size your little Saylor is wearing in these photos (I’ll just order that size). And I MUST have the hair accessories to match (esp. the large flowers on lace)… do you happen to have a link or store tip for them??? Can’t wait to get my hands on these (the gorgeous models seal the deal). Thanks girl!

Chantena - what size of Anna top is your Gracie wearing?

Skye - You guys they are just so DANG cute in real life, it’s not even funny!!!
Rory, I’m pretty sure everything Saylor is wearing was 18 mos or 2 years, you can ask Ashlee, they are just her samples for her shows. Most of the flowers and headbands were made by my sister Brittany, I have dozens for sale at my studio so you can buy some when you bring your baby girl for her session! Let me go find the link for the large flower on the lace headband.
Chantena, that top is a size 6! I’m DYING over it. I’m seriously so in love with all the dark colors, it looks so good on my brown eyed girls!!

Mom2my10 - Oh, how I wish I lived in Lehi! I would be over there in a minute. I hope you have great success on your party, Skye!

Amy Andersen - You are in UTAH?? YEA!! I just found your site and LOVE the pictures! I love this line and it is growing on me the more I see it.

I am going to try to stop by.

Amy - Love everything and your pics are tdf!

Where are those brown boots from?

Ashley S. - Skye, I went to my TK’s house today and saw it all. It is so, so cute! I spent like $400 :o !

Amber Robertson - Ohhhh, I think the pics of Cambree turned out pretty good considering she was FREAKING out!! Sorry about that, I wish you could bribe them or something.
Love the ones of your girls, they are so stinkin adorable.
Can’t wait to do somemore shots with you. Your amazing!
Plannin on coming to the party.

skye johansen - Ashley, I will be lucky if I only spend that much, on one girl…..eeeeeeeek.

skye johansen - Amber, even the ones of her crying are seriously so cute, I’m keeping them because she is so cute when she’s being dramatic!

ashley b. - Wow Skye! Your girls are so adorable, and the clothes are to die for. My husband is so lucky that we only have boys!

Rebekah @ It Only Gets Better - Oh, you are making me so nervous with your address posted here. Couldn’t you just say, “give me your e-mail if you want to come and I’ll give you my address”?

Wish I could come (beth at i should be folding laundry is doing a giveaway for Matilda Jane today!) but it’d be quite the road trip for me to make it from Georgia. Have fun!

Michelle H - Gorgeous photos as always! I so need those brown boots! Can you email me what brand they are? Crossing my fingers they are this season!

Melisa - If only I had girls!

Jacee - Let the fun begin YAHOO!!! Melissa you can buy stuff for yourself?!! I’m just say’n??

Alyse - What size dress is the baby girl wearing? How much does Saylor Weigh? Normally do the clothes run true to size or big?

Tai - i am just going to die right now. it’s a good thing i can’t afford those clothes anyway, because i would totally buy every single outfit.

Ashley S. - Oh Skye, you know your show is going to make like 2 billion dollars and Denise will have to give you the entire collection plus the next three as jane benefits :) :) . I need to bring my kids in again, they’ve grown so much since you took their pics last year *sigh*. Hey all the ladies are buzzing about you on MIS (momsinstyle), you’re making them want pieces they thought they could do without :) .

Ashley S. - By they way, your kiddos are looking gor-ge-ous and Saylor is getting to be such a big girl. I love her posing with the buggy :) .

ashlee - Your pretty much the bomb you know that right!? lol

Leilani - Your daughters are just gorgeous Skye. Saylor is starting to look more like Gracie everyday. I wish they did the Ziggi leggings in womens, they are AMAZING.

Heather - Skye, these are amazing. I’m in love, what are those dark pants Saylor is wearing, I dont see them. thanks

skye johansen - Ashley I can only hope, my wishlist is well over a grand. I want to say I’ll whittle it down…but let’s be honest, I probably won’t. I think I’ve heard of momsinstyle, is it an online forum? That’s so cool!
Leilani I totally thought that this time when taking the girls pictures. Saylor copies EVERYTHING Gracie does, I guess she’s starting to actually morph into her! hehe!
Heather the dark pants are the Gigi’s. They are a little lighter than that, but not as light as they are on MJ website.

Oh, the brand of Gracie’s boots are SODA. Just cheap $20 boots but they are darling!
Rebekah, thanks for pointing that out about the address, but I’ve had my address on my contact page for years, never really thought about it!

audrey - Your girls are just so beautiful! Love the outfits on them! The colors are perfect for them. I just wanted to ask real quick, does your sister have an Etsy site or some other way I can buy headbands from her? I’d love to get some, but live to far to buy them in person. Thanks!

Heather - I’m dying dying absolutely dying over every single one of these pictures! I’m helpless now! Why did you have to post these? I was being so strong, even went school shopping for Brielle so I wouldn’t feel the need to buy these dang clothes! Dang you Skye! Dang you!

Amber Watson - I ditto everything Heather just said. I’ve been telling myself all day that these clothes are completely NOT neccessary to have in my life. I think I’ll call it the Skye effect. Once I’ve seen something photographed by you I buy it. You little freaker! LOL!

Wendy - Oh wow these pictures are just amazing! I just love your little girls even though I don’t know them in real life! These clothes are simply beautiful on them, love all the colors!

Kristin Dajec - Your girls are so gorgeous! And that baby is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! That hair and those eyes. This post is just oozing with freaking cuteness!

Kelli Schwarz - Can they just please start a boys line? haha!! They are super adorable and fabulous clothes! Your girls look amazing!

Jenae - Is the website for the bean bag working? Are they up and running yet? LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!

skye johansen - Jenae, not yet, I believe they are still waiting for some of their new product. It will be worth the wait though, they seriously have the coolest props and backgrounds I’ve ever seen, I’m really excited! I will post the link the second they open it up!

Jenae - Thank you soooo much!!

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