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Abbey, Ethan, Samuel & Ben

Jennifer. A mom of four. A girl not afraid to drive her kids all the way from Colorado ALONE to get their pictures taken. That’s my kind of girl. Everyone always thinks I’m nuts for driving to Canada every few months alone with my kids, glad to know I’m not the only crazy one! Being a photographer herself, she definitely knew how to dress her kids, especially Abbey, whose wardrobe consisted of mostly Eden’s Bouquet. Google it. I’m too lazy to insert a link at the moment. I’ve got a lot of pics to post right now!:)







Oh man this little guy was so fast! As soon as his bum touched



Puppy dog eyes anyone? Those will come in handy I’m sure……




Not sure they come any more handsome than this guy……..



I might have taken the most pictures of her. You can’t really blame me though. She was totally loving it.





Vanessa - Ok…seriously some of the cutest kids ever…their eyes!!! WOW…these are simply amazing in every way :)

Gina - K, i seriously need that flowered beanbag!! I have a newborn shoot on Tues. Do you think you can ship it to me??? =) LOVE…LOVE IT!

Tanya Leshe' - So cute!! I wanna know where she got the boys t-shirts, having my son a pirate themed party and need one :)

Gina Peterson - Love them all. Such beautiful children. I love the girlies that eat it up so you just can’t help but have an excess of them.

skye johansen - Thanks you guys! Gina, the company I got the beanbag from will be launching their website in about a week, so you’ll be able to get one soon! Tanya, the boys shirts are just from JCREW! So cute!

jenni - I love them. :)

Brittany Larsen - skye, i keep trying to find different ways to say how AMAZING you are – these pictures are just unbelieveably awesome! i love the personalties you capture in pictures, you’re the bestest!!

Gina - Oh nice!! I figured you probably had that specially made! =) Thanks for the info!

Robyn - Jen is one of my friends, and I read about her visit to you on her blog, so I just had to check out the photos. Gorgeous photos!!! You are truly talented, and Jen has a gorgeous family. So glad I checked them out!

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