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Dayton didn’t like me. Or my studio. He even yelled at Elmo. He would not look in my direction and got plain ticked when his mom tried to put him down. After a battle of the wills that lasted about 30 minutes, he won. His mom took him home and we decided to try again the next week. Sometimes you just catch a baby on the wrong day, and there is nothing wrong with trying again, I don’t have a problem with it at all. When he came back, he still didn’t really want to be friends, but he did do much better. Good thing, I would have been so sad if I wasn’t able to capture his cuteness, I mean LOOK AT HIM! He is the most handsome one year old. Check out all that hair. Only six hair cuts in his first year, that’s all……













Sara - He is such a little stud! And even with him not liking you, you got some beautiful shots of him. Wow-ee!

Amanda Keeys - What a little STUNNER! Too cute.

Jennifer O. (Romeo and Mae) - Love his rockin hair!

Regina - Oh my what a cutie. I would have never guessed he gave you and hard time and didn’t want to be there. Fabulous.
Ummm where did you get that rockin cute vintage gas pump. LOVE IT!

Lindsey Orton - he is adorable! I love the shots with the gas pump!

Alicia DeWinter - Okay that gas pump shot with him posing is too much! He is beautiful!

Tanya - omg! where did you get that airplane frame? I so want it to hang in my son’s room!!!

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